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Worlds of the Spider-Verse

every spider everThe Spider-Verse event of the last year was pretty epic and introduced many worlds we had never seen or just hadn’t seen for a long time in the Marvel comics. It was a truly fantastic, world-jumping story that brought spider-people together to face the greatest threat they had ever known: The Inheritors. These predatory villains wanted nothing more than to consume the Spider-Totems one by one. We already posted a bunch of wonderful datafiles from this event, but there is just so much good stuff we could cover that we had to revisit it again. We’ll have more datafiles of Spider-Totems in the coming weeks and also the rest of the Inheritors, but first we wanted to touch on the various worlds that the Web of Life and Destiny had woven to connect these Totems and that the Inheritors had claimed as their hunting ground.

The Marvel Multiverse has taken a pretty series blow with the Secret Wars storyline that is unpacking right now, but the Spiders traversed the web of the multiverse as many other heroes and villains of the Marvel Universe have done before. Here is a listing of some of the more prominent worlds that the Spiders visited and some specific distinctions to include when facing challenge in those particular worlds. This is just a start, but a good way to think about what makes a world unique and how players (or Watcher characters) could take advantage of the unique elements of a world as they battle one another.

  • Earth-00001 Loomworld (Home of the Inheritors, Advanced Technology, Heroes as Slaves)
  • Earth-00013 Heroes Reborn (Protected by Cosmic Spider-Man, Touched by the Nexus of Realities, Post-World War 3)
  • Earth-00067 ’67 Spider-Man (Cartoon World, 60’s Mindset, Chewing the Scenes)
  • Earth-00138 Punk World (V.E.N.O.M. Police, Chemical Dumping, Fight the Man)
  • Earth-00311 1602 (Elizabethan Era, Witchbreed Hunts, Dinosaurs Normal)
  • Earth-00802 Jennix’s Research Base (Clone Thralls, Inheritor’s Respawning Point, Servant Heroes)
  • Earth-00803 Victorian Steampunk (Steam Society, Old Time Values, Down and Dirty/Prim and Proper)
  • Earth-0928 Marvel 2099 (Cyberpunk Dystopia, Megacorp Police State, Future Science)
  • Earth-01610 Ultimate Universe (Devastated by Magneto, Government Run Super Teams, Home to the Children of Tomorrow)
  • Earth-03145 Post-Thermonuclear Wasteland (Immensely Radioactive, Mutant Spiders, Post-Nuclear America)
  • Earth-07082 Anansi’s Tales (African Folklore, Elemental Energies, Primal Spirits Everywhere)
  • Earth-08545 Legacy Planet (Decimated by Vi-Locks, Asgardian Cure, Rebuilding Society)
  • Earth-51778 Japanese Tokusatsu (Alien’s Crashed on Earth, Defend Against the Iron Cross Army, Giant Robots/Giant Monsters)
  • Earth-58163 House of M (Homo Superior Dominant, Lord Magneto, Human Resistance)
  • Earth-77013 Newspaper Spider-Man (Time Dilation for Weekly Format, 2-D Newsprint, Soap Opera Style)
  • Earth-90214 Marvel Noir (Depression Era, Few Supers, Crime and Punishment)
  • Earth-TRN479 Hostess Twinkies Ad (Cheesy Cartoon, Twinkies Are The Answer, 2-D Newsprint)

On top of that, here are two item power sets for the cloaking device created by the Superior Spider-Man (Doc Ock) and the portal devices utilized by Spider-UK. These should give the spiders a fighting chance, but we’ll just have to see if they can survive the unending onslaught of the Inheritors.




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