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Hero Datafile: Scarlet Spider

The Spider-Verse arc has brought many versions of the webslinger together to face an overwhelming interdimensional threat to all who bear the image and spirit of the Spider. Straight from the mid-90s Clone Saga, today’s datafile is the formerly disfigured clone of Spider-Man named Kaine. In his current iteration, Kaine has embraced “the Other,” a Spider avatar that Peter Parker rejected in the past. Now the clone is juiced up, seeking redemption, and playing a very active role in facing the Inheritors as they hunt the spider totems through the multiverse.

What role will he fill at your table? Will he embrace the Spider creature within and the violence that cries out to his baser instincts or will he become a hero in his own right much like his namesake, Peter Parker?


3 comments on “Hero Datafile: Scarlet Spider

  1. Randall Parker (@Bl00dwerK)
    January 2, 2015

    My son’s gonna dig this one…

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