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Item Power Set: Iso-Gauntlets

Captain America is dead. Your heroes are carrion. Your systems lie in ruin. I have ended your whole world… simply to send a message. And I haven’t even begun. Do … Continue reading

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Hero Datafile: Captain America (Danielle Cage, Earth-15061)

In the year 20XX, Danielle Cage had become Captain America, having inherited the powers of both of her parents, Luke Cage and Jessica Jones. She was also a member of … Continue reading

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Heroic Datafile: Captain America (Sharon Rogers, Earth-TRN012)

In an alternate universe where Captain America was never frozen in ice at the end of World War II, Steve Rogers and the Allied resistance fighter Agent Peggy Carter helped … Continue reading

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Charity Stream This Weekend

Please join us this weekend for the TerribleParty Charity Stream on the Twitch channel listed in the graphic.  Donate if you can.   There will be several great games going … Continue reading

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