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As promised, here’s the Event Supplement for House Of Madness. Sinister Subplots compiles additional story threads that enhance the main story plot, focusing on the plans and exploits of the … Continue reading

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House Of Madness Event Book

The wait is over. After several years of play testing, the House Of Madness Event Book is finally here. You’ve watched our group play the game, but we only scratched … Continue reading

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It’s finally here. The House Of Madness has drawn to its final conclusion.  Reality twists and bends and stretches to the brink, and the minds of our heroes are pushed past … Continue reading

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#12 – In the Crosshairs

K’os led Dr. Sound and Stronghold to Vietnam to investigate the person or organization that hired the Bengal to steal PsiFi International tech. Once in Vietnam, the three male members … Continue reading

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