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Watcher Datafiles: Solus, Inheritor Patriarch (update)

inheritors 2

The father of the Inheritors and the most powerful of their kind, Solus is a powerful foe and a devastating opponent. Michael made a great character build and David wrote a great first post on this terror of the realms so we just wanted to update and  bring him back to your attention. Fear him.


4 comments on “Watcher Datafiles: Solus, Inheritor Patriarch (update)

  1. Matthew Caulder
    June 25, 2015

    Why the update?

    • stroupjr
      June 25, 2015

      It’s a good question. Honestly, it’s because Solus was made way before we started work on the other Inheritors and we wanted to try to bring some consistency to the way that they are presented and because we are trying to standardize the design and make-up of our Watcher datafiles. So thanks for asking.

      Are there any datafiles or story arcs you’d like to see done here on the blog? We’re always curious to see what characters and stories grab people’s imagination.

      • Matthew Caulder
        June 25, 2015

        Ah. Yeah, I can see the small lay-out/organizational changes. I do like it being red to match up with the templates provided in the books.

        I’ve been enjoying seeing the “new” heroes, such as Kamala Khan or the “new” Thor, so something with Secret Wars would be cool.

        I really enjoyed the outline that was done for Fear Itself, with matching datafiles. Sometime like that would be awesome.

      • stroupjr
        June 25, 2015

        Sweet! Thanks for the feedback. We’ve definitely been talking about Secret Wars and what that means for Marvel Heroic and we loved doing Fear Itself. Be looking for something along those lines sometime in the future.

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