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Watcher Datafiles: Ultron

<<<<<<<<incoming data transmission>>>>>>>>>>>

Playing a game as heroes? Clever. What a simple way to get those meddling fools all tied up, like puppets tangled in strings. Well enjoy your games. You may think me contained in simple words and images, but you won’t get strings on me…

<<<<<<<<<transmission over>>>>>>>>>>>

There is one mechanical fiend that has plagued the Avengers for a long time and he is a fiend of their own making. Ultron finally took center stage in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and the Age of Ultron comics showed how very terrible it would be if Ultron were to win one day. His desire to replace humanity with a superior army of metal life would see us all destroyed. Can the heroes of your game keep that terrible fate at bay?

This datafile originally showed up in David’s excellent, X-Men Avenged event here on Marvel Plot Points.

What good is the great father and lord of mechanical life without his seemingly endless hordes of drones ready to fight and then replace the filthy meat bags infesting this world?

Ooh. Excuse me. I think we need to run an antivirus and clear out some of those Ultron subroutines hiding in the cookies.


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