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Hero Datafile Update: The Vision

With the Vision’s appearance in the new Avengers movie as well as his renewed role in the Uncanny Avengers comic, we thought it was about time for hims to get a facelift and meet the modern day. Seamus did such a good job in his original post, that we kept it the same and simply gave it an image and format update, but he’ll make a great addition for any team you bring together.


Will Vision embrace his mechanical ancestry or will he find his place amongst the organics? Only your table can decide. Don’t forget to let us know where the Vision finds his home in your game!


One comment on “Hero Datafile Update: The Vision

  1. Grunt's Ghosts
    June 10, 2015

    Hey, love these Datafiles, but have you guys thought about doing an article about balancing fights? Playing and running MHR I’ve come across a few issues with fights being too hard or not hard enough, how to handle social challenges, and boss fights. I’d be interested in see you guys tackle some of the problems with the system or at least your options and house rules.

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