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Hero Datafile: Ant Man

Several have worn the mantle of the Ant-Man over the years, but with Scott Lang taking the main stage in both the Marvel Cinematic and the comics universe, he is an excellent choice to bring to your table. After claiming the Ant-Man suit for criminal purposes, he’s proven himself as a hero and earned the right from Hank Pym to continue to be the Ant-Man. He’s served on the Fantastic Four reserve and he’s done right and wrong by his family. He’s a hero looking for redemption and gives lots of great opportunities for not only proving his heroism, but also in finding his place as a hero or as a practical solution in superhero security situations.

As he’s taking a place on the Avengers after the Secret Wars are over, we have big hopes for this small hero and are curious how he’ll play at your table. Let us know if he becomes the hero his family deserves or if embraces a smaller, more simple lifestyle.


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