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Breakout Adventure Hook: Hellcat


Patsy Walker stepped from the SHIELD helicopter and instantly regretted both the skirt and today’s up-do. She grabbed both, locking them down as best she could, and pretended like walking across the tarmac of the world’s most notorious prison for super-criminals was something she did every day of the week. She suppressed a flutter in her stomach. It wasn’t the prison, though the idea of going deep into the bowels of a maximum security facility lacked appeal. It wasn’t the super-criminals; she’d been punching guys like this in the face for years now. She had to admit it to herself; it was Buzz. She sighed. Even after everything with Daimon and his father, she regretted marrying Buzz most of all.

Speaking of Daimon, her not-so-recent resurrection continued to cause legal matters to crop up. And Buzz’s latest incarceration (Patsy mentally rolled her eyes; Mad-Dog? Seriously? Could he be any more hung up on her?) made it easy to serve him with papers and generally work out some of those resurrection-caused legal kerfluffles from her first ill-fated marriage.

A tall man with ginger hair and deep red glasses fell into step beside her.

“Thanks for this, Matt,” Patsy sighed. “I really appreciate it.”

The man-who-was-not-Daredevil smiled. “It’s really not a big deal, Patsy. This kind of stuff comes up for our…social circle all the time. I almost did the paperwork from memory. And I had another client to see on the Raft today, so the timing couldn’t have been better.”

Patsy and Matt made their way through several SHIELD checkpoints between the landing pad and the massive elevator that led into the lower levels of the Raft. They were issued temporary IDs and visitor passes, frisked, scanned, and checked over in great detail. Patsy hadn’t been this scrutinized since her last yearly exam. Or the last time she walked past a construction site. But, finally, they were on the elevator and heading down with three SHIELD guards and their massive guns. Her ears popped five or six times as they descended. She tried to decide how many fathoms down they were with each pop pop pop. The elevator came to a smooth stop and the doors opened.

“This is your floor, ma’am,” one of the guards said. “I’ll escort you to the conference room where you’ll meet the inmate.”

Patsy looked at Matt. “You aren’t coming with me?”

“I’m afraid I have to keep heading down.” Matt smirked. “The man I’m here to see is quite a bit more dangerous than Mad-Dog.” He put a comforting hand on Patsy’s shoulder. “Just get Buzz to sign the papers. If he won’t, then we’ll file the next stuff. But we’ve been authorized to offer him a couple of steak dinners and a new pillow if he’ll make it easy on you.”

Patsy walked through halls of nearly blank adamantium walls broken up only by the viewscreens that allowed the guards to look in on the inmates with no actual contact of any kind. She thought she recognized some of the inmates, but she couldn’t be sure. Without the colorful outfits, most of them just looked like every other guy draped in county blues. She squinted at the images. Or grays. It was hard to tell on the monitors.

The guard left her alone in a small conference room that could have been in any moderately successful corporate headquarters. After a few minutes, another door opened on the opposite side from where Patsy had entered, and another guard came in with Buzz. He looked like a low rent Hannibal Lecter with his prison uniform, massive shackles covering his clawed hands, and ridiculous face mask holding back his cybernetic bite.

Not for the first time and not for the last today, Patsy sighed at her own life choices.

“Hey Buzz, listen, I’ve just got a few papers I need you to sign since I came back from the dead and all. You think you can do that for me?” He leered at her from behind his stupid muzzle. Anger flared inside her, but Patsy smiled sweetly as she said, “There’s some meaty treats in it for you. Good doggie!”

His eyes narrowed and he growled low in his throat. Patsy knew right then she’d soured the deal, wasted the whole trip. She still found it hard to regret her words. Now she just wished she could punch him in his stupid, leering, robot-jaw until it broke.

Right then, the Raft rocked under a massive explosion. It knocked all three people in the conference room to the floor and the lights went out. In the dark, Patsy heard the shackles fall from Buzz and his snarl in the darkness. Without really deciding to do so, Patsy called up her Hellcat uniform from wherever it went when she didn’t wear it. The emergency lights flickered and came on, leaving the once-married couple staring hatefully into one another’s eyes. The guard had hit his head on the table in the fall and been knocked unconscious.

Hellcat’s glare turned into a predatory smile and she cracked her knuckles. “Bad news for you, Buzz. Sometimes wishes do come true.”

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One comment on “Breakout Adventure Hook: Hellcat

  1. Bes
    December 6, 2015

    Lol!! I can see how resurrection would cause even more complications for the legal field. Good story, I’d forgotten how screwed up Hellcat’s love life was.

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