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Watcher Datafile: Satana


When it comes to Satana Hellstrom, the apple hasn’t fallen far from the tree in the Garden of Eden. The daughter of Satan himself (or Mephistopheles, depending on continuity), Satana is a succubus, a demonic seductress who snares the souls of weak-willed mortals. She’s also the sister of Daimon Hellstrom, the Son of Satan (datafile), and – like him – she has often danced between the darkness and the light in recent years.

While she was originally happy to be her father’s agent on Earth (as her earliest exploits in the ’70s Vampire Tales showed), she soon felt betrayed by Daddy, who had cruelly tested her strength and loyalty on repeated occasions, pushing her to the breaking point. She turned away from the politics of Hell then, choosing instead to find her own path. That’s not to say that she turned to the way of sunshine, angels, and fairy dust, though! Far from it. She has continued to deceive and play with mortals for her own ends, but she has so far avoided the more confrontational path that Daimon has chosen in dealing with demons and devils.

Of course, her travels have brought her into contact with Marvel’s other supernatural characters, including Jennifer Kale and Topaz (in Marvel’s Witches series, its short-lived attempt to jump on Charmed’s TV coattails) and the Legion of Monsters. Most notable, though, is a long stretch as a member of Luke Cage’s Thunderbolts team. Although she wasn’t thrilled at first about the arrangement forced upon her by Cage and Dr. Strange, she quickly savored the delicious taste of working alongside easily manipulated super-criminals. Her sorcerous skills proved invaluable in treating injured teammates, communicating with the Man-Thing, and helping the team survive after they became unstuck in time. Her most dangerous experience, however, may have been avoiding the lovesick attention of Deadpool.


In combat, Satana will likely to stay in the background, using Sorcery to create assets for allies. But if the opportunity arises to incinerate a foe with Hellfire Blast, she’ll take it. And if she can surreptitiously seduce an enemy with Mind Control or Psych Expert in order to drain his soul or advance her personal goals, she’ll gladly do that, too.

The beautiful Satana is guaranteed to raise the temperature of any situation.

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