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Dread Dormmamu

S_dormammu00_bm_nomip_s_dormammu00_bm_nomipoutFrom the Dark Dimension, Dread Dormammu longs to draw all other worlds to his own and add them to his mystical might! Can you stand against the might of the Dread Lord, the Lord of the Faltine, the Dark One, DORMAMMU?!?!? Seriously though, this guy is one bad dude. He’s been plotting for millenia and bound himself to an entire dimension so that his power level is immense. He’s even absorbed entire other worlds into the Dark Dimension to add to his power. That’s a serious problem. He’s conquered many and has hordes of Mindless warriors to turn loose on the world.



Can you stand against his mystic power, or will you fall and see the world become just another conquered dimension fueling his conquest of the multiverse?!?! That’s for your table to find out and as always, let us know how he turns out.

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