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Hero Datafile: Manphibian

Welcome to more Halloween-themed datafiles! Today we’re featuring Manphibian, a character who’s been treading water for years but is stepping out of the sewers in the new series Howling Commandos of S.H.I.E.L.D. 

So, who or what is Manphibian? For one thing, he’s not from Earth. On a distant world about a thousand years ago, he was part of a thriving, high-tech aquatic civilization. After he wife was brutally murdered, Manphibian pursued the fleeing killer across space. Eventually, both of them ended up on Earth, and their conflict caused them to become trapped underground for a millennium. After he woke and realized what had happened, he knew that his world – at least as he knew it – was lost to him. Earth was his home now, for better or worse.

Revived yet reviled by the strange human who saw him as a monster, Manphibian retreated into the shadows, where he fortunately met up with Michael Morbius and Jack Russell, the Werewolf. Along with the Living Mummy, they have been the core members of the Legion of Monsters, dedicated to policing the “monster community” and establishing a stable society for the monstrous creatures shunned by society. Despite his great strength, his most useful talent has often been as a voice of reason when his friends let their tempers get out of hand. And he’s no slug when it comes to technology, either.

Now, with his old friend the Werewolf and new allies like Hit Monkey, Man-Thing, and Kid Abomination, Manphibian is charting new waters as a member of Dum Dum Dugan’s Howling Commandos!

Manphibian datafile


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