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Hero Datafiles: Superior Spider-Man

spider group 4


When Otto Octavius took control of the mind of his foe, Spider-Man, he was displaced in time for a short period before Peter Parker’s mind was able to re-exert control. During that time, he was out galavanting with the other Spider-Totems, entirely unaware that he was working alongside a version of himself from his future. This datafile comes from David’s Council of Four Event, but he’s a very big deal and worth including in his very own datafile. Will he find his own place as a hero? Can he survive long enough to prove himself the superior Spider-Man? Your table will have to play that story out.


3 comments on “Hero Datafiles: Superior Spider-Man

  1. Jacob Stick
    July 21, 2015

    Are you guys planning on creating an Event out of the Spider-Verse? Because I am really thinking about creating one too…

    • stroupjr
      July 21, 2015

      We’ve talked about it and we’ve definitely got enough material to compile to put together in a full Event.

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