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Watcher Datafiles: Jennix, Inheritor Scientist



The Inheritors are fearsome opponents, but they are even more terrible in that whenever one is defeated another version of it appears within moments. The incredible cloning expertise of Jennix and his entire world dedicated to producing more bodies for his brethren to inhabit upon their death have proven a boon to the Inheritors conquering of entire realms. At the same time, the big reveal in the comics was that Jennix has also been attempting to develop the means of cloning Spider-Totem essence, which would eliminate their need to hunt down totems in various realms and they could leave the Spiders at peace. So is he a monster, or the salvation of Spider-Totems of the multiverse? Your table could play out his story very differently.

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This entry was posted on July 23, 2015 by in Datafiles, Inheritors, Spider-Verse.

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