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Prithee See These Datafiles of Yon Warriors Three

Please away with us to the fabled lands of Asgard where heroes are mighty, monsters area deadly, and the mead is cold. Sure, Thor is the most well known hero of Asgard, but there’s got to be a three-way tie for second most well known. The Warriors Three!


Fandrall hides a broken heart behind the mask of a swashbuckling Lothario. But can even the fabled dangers of the Nine Worlds comfort him? Or needs must he mend that broken heart…and let another lovely lady take up residence within it?


Why is Hogun so grim? I took a page from Thor: The Dark World and cast him as a Vanir amongst Asgardians. It’s always fascinated me that there’s this whole other set of gods the Aesir took hostage and now they all just get along. But Hogun longs for his lost homeland…though he will rarely speak of it.


And my personal favorite of the Warriors Three! Volstagg who must balance a prodigious appetite with a desire for adventure, and all while remaining patriarch to an ever-growing brood. Playing the serious family man can be a rewarding game experience, especially when you get to hit people with giant turkey legs before sitting on them until they cry along the way.



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Contributor Joshua Unruh is a novelist, blogger, and freelance writer. It took the death of Marvel Heroic to get him involved in the fan community, but he's in it up to his eyeballs now. He's been reading superhero comics for thirty years and a a tabletop roleplayer for about twenty-five years. Despite nostalgic love for TSR Marvel, Marvel Heroic is the first superhero RPG that he's enjoyed as a superhero game. You can find Josh on Twitter as @JoshuaUnruh, at his blog or email him joshuaunruh [at] gmail [dot] com.

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