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Datafiles: Heimdall and the Frost Giants

What ho, Friends! This week the Asgardians get their place of prominence as is their due. Fitting that the first datafile we have is the first person you come to as you approach Asgard: the guardian of the Bifrost bridge, Heimdall. Heimdall is a powerful warrior, proven in combat and tasked with protecting the entryway to the realm of the Asgardians. He takes his role very seriously and you definitely do not want to mess with him. A warrior who can see through time and space is a formidable ally or foe indeed.

heimdallThose who would seek entry to Asgard must work past this tireless watchman and the forces of the other realms have sought to evade him for millenia. Chief of those who would seek treacherous entry to the golden realm of Odin are the Frost Giants of Jotunheim. These warriors could pose a dangerous threat to the people of Asgard, especially if they were to assault in great numbers or if someone were to help them bypass the great watchman at the gates.

jotunSo will the gates of Asgard stand? What kind of evil could threaten the Norse gods themselves? We’ll just have to see how your table plays out adventures through the Nine Realms of the World Tree, Yggdrasil.

Game on and HAVE AT THEE!




One comment on “Datafiles: Heimdall and the Frost Giants

  1. Daniel Swensen
    August 29, 2015

    Using these in my games this week — for the second time, actually! Thanks a lot for making them, they’ve been an invaluable resource in my game!

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