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Hero Datafiles: Sif and Valkyrie

In the halls of Asgard, a warrior is judged by their merit on the field of battle and there are few warriors as distinguished as these we present today.

Lady  Sif is one of the greatest warriors in all Asgard be they man or woman. She has worked tirelessly to achieve that ranking and her battles are truly epic stories to be told. The tales  of her romance of the god of thunder are equally epic. What role she plays at your table remains to be seen.

sifThe warrior Brunnhilde refused to allow her fallen comrades to lay on the field of battle and All-Father Odin made her one of the Valkyrior who ferry the dead to their honored place in Valhalla. Valkyrie has had a challenging time since then. She was trapped inside a gem for centuries by Amora the Enchatress, her powers have been passed along to mortals who fulfilled her role, and more recently her soul has been bound to a mortal of Midgard, Doctor Anabelle Riggs. Where this warrior woman’s story goes will be up to you and your game table.


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