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Monday Milestones: Thunderbolts

Where is Andrew again? I think that this time he may be in trouble since he went rogue on us!

Maybe, if he comes up with a cool datafile on Wednesday, we may give him a second chance, just like the Thunderbolts do with all those former bad guys!

Being created in the late 90’s the Thunderbolts have had many formations and an infinity of members, but the one thing that was always present is the fact that it is a group of former villains. Some more than the others were eager to change and fight the good fight, on the other hand, some were only looking for a easy way out of jail. Either way, the group was full of crooks and that’s the fun of it!

Justice like Lightining!

6 comments on “Monday Milestones: Thunderbolts

  1. rollenspiel
    May 29, 2012

    Yush! FInally, the Thunderbolts. Justice Like Lightning. Though personally I don’t like the first milestone presented here – I am more someone who enjoy it when all characters end up on the same side.

    And the second milestone? It rather seems like the 3xp milestone and the 10 xp milestone should be reversed or… Generally I am not too happy with that milestone, because it rather…. ah.. I know what irks me. The 1 xp milestone seems like a 3xp milestone to me, the 3xp milestone more like a 10xp one.

    Nah … That’s also not totally true. *sigh* What I am thinking about is how often you can trigger each milestone and what defines the end of a milestone and here the 3xp one really seems to be more of an end-point as in having accepted your place in the Thunderbolts, as the 10xp one.

    Maybe I should try to come up wth an alternative, to show you what I mean.

  2. rollenspiel
    May 29, 2012

    I forgot to say: Even if I don’t like the first milestone for its possible betrayal-aspect at the end, I find it better designed for 1xp/3xp/10xp steps, than the second one.

    • felipenerdcore
      July 9, 2012

      Betrayal are (almost) never fun!

      One of the best millestone released so far is Spider-Woman’s. That is genius design, and a great plot element.

      If you want a 4-color hero group, i would not recommend running T-Bolts. But if you want your players to have some kind of inner drama and paranoia, go for it!

  3. Shawn Schmitting
    May 29, 2012

    Curious to see what Datafile you guys are going to post. My guess would be Songbird.

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