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Secret War: The Final Truth

Type: Transition

Time set: Present.

The scene starts right after the heroes overcome Lucia, either letting the explosion go off or preventing it.

The Truth is Finally Out

At this point during the event the heroes learn that, a year ago they were involved in a black ops mission led by Nick Fury to take down Lucia Von Bardas, the Prime Minister of Latveria at the time. The heroes had no recollection of the mission, because, after completing it, Fury used some kind of device to wipe out their memory. Colonel Fury only did that because he went behind the curtains leading an unapproved mission that would have had major diplomatic consequences if its knowledge went out in the open.

When the final battle is over the players may present the desire to do certain actions, such as:

  • Heal themselves, and get ready for more action
  • Take care of victims of either or both from the explosion (if it went off) or civilian casualties from the battle at the hospital
  • Arrest the stressed out villains

Plot-wise the only relevant action to the story is the final (verbal) confrontation with Nick Fury, although you may not want to force or railroad the players into it, so you may let them do one or two small actions before facing the truth. BUT DON’T LET THE HEAT OF THE MOMENT COOL DOWN. Since no one likes to be used the heroes will likely confront Fury.

Either as a watcher character or being run by a player, Nick Fury will most likely try to convince the heroes that the actions taken where the only viable and right way.

Ending The Scene

Although, not probable, the heroes may accept Fury’s arguments and let him go, siding with him and helping him get off the radar, now that he officially went rogue on S.H.I.E.L.D.

On the other hand, a more viable outcome of the dialog is that, after all that happened the heroes won’t let Fury talk his way out of the consequences. In that case, when any hero makes an attack against Fury, you should describe that when the attack hits, Fury falls on the ground, his skin starts to melt revealing a robotic humanoid form underneath it. It’s a Life Model Decoy! The real Nick Fury is nowhere to be seen.


Where to go from here

  • If they successfully stop the bomb, then they can follow comic continuity: Secret War–> Breakout–> Civil War
  • If they fail to stop the bomb, then that could be the event that prompts the Registration Act and starts the Civil War. You could just skip Breakout and move up Civil War in the timeline
  • If the heroes are really up for revenge you may start your own scenario design a manhunt against Nick Fury.

5 comments on “Secret War: The Final Truth

  1. jrmariano
    May 25, 2012

    Excelent work! Any possibility of compiling the articles into a nice PDF? 😉

    • Andrew Gatlin
      May 25, 2012

      Yes. Not sure on a timeframe, but it is going to happen.

  2. felipenerdcore
    May 25, 2012

    It’s definatly happening, but, it’s not just putting it all together, we many need some revision, and mixing of typos and stuff.

  3. Shane Bradley
    May 25, 2012

    Nice I’ll be running this as mostly flashback sequences when it’s inconvient for the group

  4. Julián Zinc
    November 18, 2013

    Is the pdf version finished?

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