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Hero Datafile: Red Hulk

Still need more Hulk? Have a Red Hulk!

Red Hulk was introduced in Hulk #1 (2008). His human identity was unknown–to characters and readers–until the World War Hulks storyline in 2010. He stands in pretty stark contrast to the original Hulk, as he is intelligent, calculating, and willing to use weapons.

I tried something a little different with his Overheated Limit. Let me know what you think of it.

8 comments on “Hero Datafile: Red Hulk

  1. “Overheated Limit” makes me think of Blue (Go-)Buster. 🙂

    Radiation sounds like an asset rather than a complication…

    • Andrew Gatlin
      May 24, 2012

      You might be right about Radiation. I’ll have to think about it .

  2. Krisztian
    May 25, 2012

    I’m pretty impressed with your dedication guys, keep up the good work 🙂

    One minor note though: isn’t the Red Hulk a bit overpowered? I know he’s nearly indestructable in the comics, but maybe the Watcher would have troubles to deal with the player using this powerful character as he can shrug off everything thrown in his way…

    dealing emotional/mental stress is one way to go, but to use it in every fight isn’t a tad repetitive?

    • Andrew Gatlin
      May 25, 2012

      I don’t think he is overpowered at all. I don’t think you should be able to go toe-to-toe in a slug fest with a Hulk. Even looking at the fight between Green and Red in the first comic arc. Green Hulk couldn’t win until he figured out to make him mad. His punches were having virtually zero effect.

      As far as dealing Emotional or Mental stress being repetitive? So far in the games I’ve played, those two stresses rarely get used. So, having a character that “forces” them to be used doesn’t seem like a bad thing to me.

      Think about it. If you do D10 Emotional stress to Red Hulk, every attack that targets him after that gets to add both Emotional and Physical stress die to its pool. That’s pretty limiting to me. Also keep in mind that his Physical stress will never be lower than his Emotional stress. And even after he reduces his Emotional stress, he will still have the Physical stress to deal with until he can step it down too.

  3. rollenspiel
    May 25, 2012

    I’d also say, that the Red Hulk needs some more limits, that either increase the doom pool or directly limit his powers more – even if he’s not that limited in comics. Just look at The Sentry and compare that to the Red Hulk.

    • Andrew Gatlin
      May 25, 2012

      I disagree. He is not an uncontrolled rage monster like the green Hulk. Given his intelligence level, there is no reason that using his powers should increase the doom pool.

      • rollenspiel
        May 25, 2012

        Strangely, I totally agree with your statement there. But from a balance-aspect it’s not a good idea, to design the character like that. Of course it hurts less in a narrative RPG than in other RPGs, but I would not allow the character like that in a group I master. It’s just too much.

        But you did, IMO, not a bad job with the overheated limit. That’s a rather powerful limit (fitting for a rather powerful character).

      • Andrew Gatlin
        May 25, 2012

        I think it depends on what type of Event you are running. I don’t think it is a bad idea at all to have a limited list of characters for your players to choose from. In fact, we did that in Secret War.

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