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Secret War Transition Scene: Gathering the Team

-Time set: Past
-Type: Transition
-Activation cost: 1PP

This is the first of the flashback scenes that the players can activate to remember and understand what is provoking seemly random attacks in the present. The whole flashback sequences take place exactly one year in the past. To activate the scene one player must pay the activation cost at the end of an action scene or anytime during a transition scene. Remember that you only go back to the present after concluding the flashback scene.

When the heroes start this scene, make sure all the players have an extra set of stress trackers.

The goal of this Scene is to have Nick Fury recruit his hand-picked band of heroes, and get them the rendezvous point in Latveria without raising any suspicion. Players can create resources and assets during this transition scene to assist themselves.

There are two ways of running the scene: the first is  when Nick Fury is being  used by a player, and the other is using him as a Watcher character. If you still have not done it, give the “What Fury Knows” handout to the player running Colonel Nick Fury. Give him some time to read the document, and make sure that you state that this is Top Secret and the information can only be revealed on a “need-to-know” basis.

The first part of this scene is mostly an interaction between Fury and the other heroes, where he must recruit the other team members for his undercover mission. If roleplayed well, the recruitment of some of the heroes may prove to be as tough as nails, because some of the distinctions and milestones may lead  the heroes to conflicting actions against Nick Fury.

Some of the arguments that Fury may present to convince the other players to take the job willingly.

– Urge for a patriotic act and defense of the U.S.A.: Fury may say it’s an act of terrorism and they need to kill it by its root.

– Protect your country (Other than U.S.A): Fury may have discovered that the home country of the hero may have been contributing with the Tech Villain Terrorists, just serving as a laundering operation for the money, or shipping parts. By dismantling the organization, the hero may avoid things escalating against his country.

– Remember a debt from the past: Fury may have helped some of the heroes in the past, and now it is time to repay the favor.

– Erase some crime record: Fury may promise the other character that have not always been on the right side of the law, and will clear their slate in exchange of their help on the mission.

After having selected and recruited the team, the next step is get to Latveria. Just like in the comics you can have this go the easy way, and just say that Nick Fury provides the other heroes with first class tickets to Latveria, and have someone pick them up at the airport and also taking them to the rendezvous point.

Although, as a Watcher, you may want to give the player an extra dose of challenge. In this case, you should have Nick Fury provide them with just the rendezvous point and let them get there themselves, with an order to keep it low profile. At this point, Nick shouldn’t reveal to the players who are the other members of the team, so, each player will have to get there by himself.

Getting to Latveria will give the players the opportunity to get creative, try some crazy plans and get into the action during this transition scene. Here are some of the ideas that may come up on your game.

– Use Business or Vehicle specialty to provide some means of transportation to Latveria.
– Use Cover or Crime specialty to cross the border totally undetected.
– Call in some favor from a world-class teleporter to get a ride straight into Latveria.

As a Watcher you should avoid at all costs letting the players get involved in real combat during this stage of the story.

When all the heroes get to the rendezvous point, Nick Fury reveals himself and says some very evoking line, such as: “Since everybody is here, let’s get into the action, boys”.

The flashback sequence ends here, resuming to the exact point in the present where you left off.

7 comments on “Secret War Transition Scene: Gathering the Team

  1. Shane Bradley
    May 2, 2012

    Great stuff haven’t run it yet but I’m gathering victims err…PCs if I could make a few observations PC and watcher “cheat sheets” those would be very handy and most welcome non blue datafiles they look great but downloading from my phone to a printer is problematic maybe something more printer friendly.. Btw a friend and I have a bet on the next datafile I say it’ll be hulk or asathor

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  4. rollenspiel
    May 24, 2012

    My big issue whit this scene is, that … well… basically you have to have read Secret War to understand what’s going on. I think at least the Watcher and possibly the player playing Nick Fury needs a lot more information than presented here. It’s hard to bring in heroes and gather a team, if you have basically no idea, what exactly is going on.

    At least you’re offering hooks on how to bring the heroes in, but hoks to bring them in on what? I feel a bit left alone in the dark here.

  5. rollenspiel
    May 24, 2012

    ah… by the way, the What Fury knows PDF really helps 🙂 Maybe it should be featured somewhere more prominently.

    • felipenerdcore
      May 24, 2012

      It was released prior to this scene. When we compile all the posts in a single PDF, it will make more sense!!

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