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Item Power Set: Iso-Gauntlets

Captain America is dead. Your heroes are carrion. Your systems lie in ruin. I have ended your whole world… simply to send a message. And I haven’t even begun. Do you understand that? This is not even Day One. This… THIS IS ZERO DAY!


The Iso-Gaunlets were a pair of gauntlets created by Thanos using technology and Neutronium from Project P.E.G.A.S.U.S. on Earth-15061. With them, he gained enormous powers and used that power to slaughter half of the world’s heroes just to send the message to the entire universe that he had returned. He was eventually killed by Black Widow’s A.V.E.N.G.E.R.S. Initiative using a combination of science and magic. Embedded in the Iso-Gauntlets’ knuckles and back of the hand were Cosmic Cubes fashioned from Neutronium.


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