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Marvel Heroic To Cortex Prime Conversion

We here at Marvel Plot Points have put in a lot of volunteer hours creating content for the Marvel Heroic RPG. We’re grateful for all of the positive feedback and constructive criticism we’ve received from you over the years. That said, the game is long since no longer in print, and so, sadly, fewer and fewer new gamers will be able to use this site’s content.

Or at least that used to be true.

With the release of Cortex Prime, all of the rules from Marvel Heroic, plus a whole lot of other options, are available to new gamers and old ones alike. That is great news for us, and for the longevity of this site.

Still, Cortex Prime has a lot of options, and the ones chosen for Marvel Heroic when it was released are by no means the default ones. New players could be forgiven for not knowing which ones applied to the datafiles and Events on this site.

Thankfully, Kamala Kara A. over at Cam Bank’s Cortex Prime Discord created a Marvel Heroic / Cortex Prime conversion document. With this key, new and old players alike can unlock Marvel Heroic from Cortex Prime’s vault, unleashing new and exciting adventures.

Please, use this link to access the conversion. And don’t forget to check out Kamala Kara A.’s blog here.


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One comment on “Marvel Heroic To Cortex Prime Conversion

  1. Tsabrak
    January 6, 2021

    It is a pity that you are not going to continue with the Marvel Cinematic Universe chips. In addition to giving new life to the game, we had fun playing games set in the movies.

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