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#14 – Register This!

014 CoverIn New York, Enigma is held hostage by Crossfire, one of the world’s most dangerous spies, while his henchmen, Jack O’Lantern and Titanium Man, lead an assault to abduct Chatting Marks, who is under the guard of Moondragon and Spider-Woman. And, amidst all this, SHIELD, Hydra, the Commission of Superhuman Affairs, and Latveria’s Prime Minister, Lucia Von Bardas, have their own designs that remain to be fully revealed.  The actions that take place today will inform the decision of many politicians who are on the fence about an international Superhuman Registration Act.

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I am a freelance writer for Star Trek Adventures RPG and creator of Gamemasters Comics []. I currently am a writer for Continuing Missions, and if the universe goes right, the Fantastic Four movie reboot. (Last part's a joke, though, I wish it wasn't.)

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