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#13 – Plans Within Plans

013 CoverChatting Marks, CEO of PsiFi International, led Enigma, Spider-Woman and Moondragon to the Superhuman Summit held at U.N. headquarters in New York City. ΩFORCE has reason to believe that a powerful telepath is trying to manipulate the Security Council into supporting an international mandate that will greatly restrict the freedom of costumed heroes. While Spider-Woman and Moondragon launched an investigation into possible psionic tampering, Enigma pursued her own investigation that led to an encounter with one of the world’s most dangerous men- Crossfire!

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About Michael Dismuke

I am an instructional designer and master trainer with a focus in gamification. I am the writer of Gamemasters Comics [] and an avid GM for over 30 years. (I started as an infant.) I currently am a writer for Marvel Plot Points, Continuing Missions, and if the universe goes right, the Fantastic Four movie reboot. (Last part's a joke, though, I wish it wasn't.)

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This entry was posted on April 1, 2018 by in Actual Play.

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