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#6 -Hell Hath No Fury!

006 Cover

More of my Marvel Heroic RPG group’s fantastic gameplay.

The team has been captured by the security personnel at PsiFi International, a superhuman defense technology company located on the South Pacific island of Champagne Sands. They were mercilessly interrogated (it wasn’t that bad) by security until Stronghold broke. Meanwhile, Spider-Woman went in pursuit of her new comrades. Jessica stumbled onto the fact that her ex-husband, Chatting Marks, is the CEO of PsiFi. Jessica was thrown for a loop after being bombarded with a rush of memories linking her origins with the enigmatic geneticist known as the High Evolutionary. While she tries to recover, the team is paraded in to meet Mr. Marks.

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I am a freelance writer for Star Trek Adventures RPG and creator of Gamemasters Comics []. I currently am a writer for Continuing Missions, and if the universe goes right, the Fantastic Four movie reboot. (Last part's a joke, though, I wish it wasn't.)

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