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House Of Madness #4

The Fearsome Avengers have barely oriented themselves to this strange new reality and they are already on the ropes, beaten back by the vile super team Hex Force. Now a new ally joins the fray, but he might just spell their doom. Don’t waste another minute: join the story and see what madness awaits you.

For Those Of You Just Joining The Story

Welcome to Fearsome Avengers: House Of Madness, an Event penned just for our Plot Points game. The story began as a bullpen-only play through of Breakout, where the heroes that would form the Fearsome Avengers first assembled. Those heroes, Arach-Knight, Cable, Crusader, Cyclops, Darkchylde, Hellcat, Morbius, Nightcrawler, and Nova, with the assistance of Daredevil and Red Norvell, beat back the inmates and secured the Raft, and then most of them vowed to band together permanently as Avengers…if they could persuade Tony Stark to grant them the rights to that name.

To that end, the would-be Avengers sent Hellcat and Arach-Knight to meet with Stark, but with random probability spikes erupting throughout the city causing strange and maddening mayhem, the rest of the heroes were soon in the thick of the chaos, which culminated in aiding Iron Man in repelling a Genoshan invasion force led by Magneto himself. The mad mutant was hunting for his abducted daughter, the Scarlet Witch, whom he believed, erroneously, had been kidnapped by S.H.I.E.L.D. Having impressed a still-wary Iron Man, the heroes were granted the right to call themselves Avengers and given the deed to Avengers Mansion.

Evidently Stark didn’t trust the new and fearsome team, however, because even as Hellcat resigned over her own misgivings and Cyclops sought to mourn after learning of the death of Charles Xavier at the Scarlet Witch’s hands during her abduction, Stark recruited Captain Marvel and Daredevil to keep tabs on the fledgling team. In addition, Moral Man joined at the encouragement of Spider-Man. The team was immediately recruited by Quicksilver to find his missing sister, whom was being held by Hydra. Madame Hydra planned to use the probability-manipulating mutant to ensure that Hydra never again suffered defeat. The heroes discovered the location of Hydra’s base and, with aid from S.H.I.E.L.D., stormed the headquarters. With probability bending and shifting all around them, the Avengers defeated Hydra. But Scarlet Witch, already suffering from insanity, was driven over the edge by Madame Hydra’s manipulations, and decided that she, and she alone, was sane in a mad world, and decided to remake the world with the ironic declaration of ‘No more madness.’

The heroes awoke, with new memories and scattered across the globe, in a much-changed and insane world, with evil and maddening counterparts on a team of supers called Hex Force hounding them and bent on their destruction. Wanda Maximoff, now calling herself Mother White Witch, ruled the world from her ice palace at the north pole. The Avengers scrambled to find one another again, fighting off their pursuers. Nova nearly lost his life to his father, Jesse Alexander, and was stripped of his powers but gained the use of an emerald ring that gave him the new identity of Green Lantern. And Red Norvell, a late arrival at the battle to free the Scarlet Witch, emerged from the fog of chaos magic, and might just prove the greatest source of chaos yet.

Avenging Arach-Knight #6

Part Two of the Tainted storyline, which takes place before the Fearsome Avengers enter the new reality, is now available to read, for those of you interested in Gabriel Stacy’s continuing story.


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