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Watcher Datafile: Hydra Daleks


As far as terror organizations go on Marvel Earth, Hydra is right at the top of the list.  So when Madame Hydra wants to improve her endless hordes of minions with the reality-warping powers of the Scarlet Witch, she has to reach for the stars.  And when she did, the Hydra Dalek was the result.

Hydra daleks are far more cruel, sadistic, and downright nasty than your average Dalek.  They also have had a technical upgrade, with manipulator arms that can actually reach out and grab things, twin disruptor cannons with a combined 16o degree arc, and rings of massive spikes lining their lower hull to prevent their enemies from getting too close.  These are daleks that can, and gleefully do, engage in hand-to-hand combat, and are also extremely lethal at range.

In the end, though, they’re still daleks, so they won’t take orders from anyone, even Madame Hydra.  So if you use them in your games, don’t turn your back on them.


Note:  If you decide to use the Dalek individually rather than as part of a mob, it would be Solo D4, Buddy D6.


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