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Moral Man – House Of Madness Datafile


Ethan Edwards joined the Fearsome Avengers during his quest to find Spider-Man and assist in the cleanup of missing supervillains that had escaped from the Raft.  Before he had a chance to embark on that mission, he was swept up into the House Of Madness, and poor Ethan has had a rough go of it so far.  Nevertheless, he’s proven himself a powerful and resourceful member of the team, rising above his inexperience to stand up for truth, justice, and morality as Moral Man.

About jpjolin

I started gaming in high school using FASA's Doctor Who RPG. I have the most experience using TSR's Marvel Super Heroes RPG. Currently I am running the House Of Madness campaign here at Plot Points.

One comment on “Moral Man – House Of Madness Datafile

  1. Michael Dismuke
    February 1, 2017

    When can I post my amazing stories? I have cover art and everything.

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