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AvX: Datafile: Cyclops, the First Host

The Phoenix Five are a unique beast. Luckily, we have our fantastic writer and AvXpert, Mirko Esposito. He’s done a fantastic job on the these characters. Check out the unique rules for the Phoenix Five before you see the datafile for Cyclops, the First Host.


The Phoenix Five share equal amount of energy of the Phoenix Force. This means that the more there are and the less power they are imbued with, the less there are the more the power.

With five hosts the affiliation is 1d10 each

With four hosts the affiliation is 2d10 each / +1 step to distribute amongst Phoenix Force powers.

With three hosts the affiliation is 3d10 each / +2 step to distribute amongst Phoenix Force powers.

With two hosts the affiliation is 4d10 each / +3 step to distribute amongst Phoenix Force powers.

With one host the affiliation is 5d10 each / +4 step to distribute amongst Phoenix Force powers.




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2 comments on “AvX: Datafile: Cyclops, the First Host

  1. RequiemVortex
    September 14, 2016

    I like!

    On a side note, what are your thoughts on using those step-up’s on other Power Sets? (Cyclops is a poor example, but maybe using them to step up Magik’s sorcery, for example)

    Is that acceptable, overkill or both, depending on the character?

    • Mirko Esposito
      September 16, 2016

      Hey there, I have written those thinking that I would have only boosted one power set. This is due to the fact that made the most sense to me and it felt to be more balanced.

      I can see how most of the step-up will become “useless” not improving the strength of the character but the variety of things in which he excels.

      By all means, do as you prefer at your table! A couple of free boosts have never killed anyone 🙂

      Hope it helps,

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