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Breakout Adventure Hook: Nova, Sam Alexander


Nova soared overhead. New York City rushed by below. He still couldn’t believe it. He was in New York City! Him! Sam Alexander, the kid from Carefree, Arizona. And what’s more: he was flying over New York City. In fact, he had flown himself to New York City, imbued with the powers of his father’s Black Nova Helmet.

“Too bad dad isn’t around to teach me how to use it,” Nova thought. He had come to New York hoping to find his dad or someone who knew where his dad was (New York was always full of hero-types, surely someone had heard of his dad, Jesse Alexander, Nova.)

He hadn’t found his dad, but he had stopped a bank robbery. Some guy named Stilt-Man. He was in the big leagues now! Taking down villains and saving people. He was a bonafide hero. He hadn’t found his dad yet, but hey, stopping a high profile villain like Stilt-Man was a close second.

Just as Nova was wondering when he could team up with Spider-Man or maybe even Iron Man, there was a bright flash of light in the night sky. Some island out in the river. Looked pretty serious. Nova checked the time readout in his helmet’s visor. “Plenty of time left in the night,” he thought. Flexing his fists, Nova rocketed towards the island. “Finals on Monday can wait.”


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