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Fearsome Avengers: Nova


Sam Alexander is the son of the famous Nova Jesse Alexander.  He’s a kid with cosmic powers and loving every minute of it.  He loves the world of super heroes and wants desperately to be one of them.  Yet he is ultimately a kid who has lost his dad and is searching desperately to find him once more.

Milestones For This Event:  Can I Haz Team? and Something To Prove


Nova On:

Cable – “He looks like Terminator. Has something with Cyclops. He went missing for a while though. Did he go back to SkyCloud or whatever?” 

Crusader – “Is this Dungeons and Dragons? Where’d this guy come from? … From INSIDE the prison? Shouldn’t we put this guy back in his cell? Or is this some secret super hero code?” 

Cyclops – “The leader of the X-Men?! So cool! I’m kind of getting a weird vibe between him and Nightcrawler though… Wonder what that’s about.”

Darkchild – “Super creepy. Kind of reminds me of the girl who sits behind me in Science class… Agatha? Is that you?”

Arach-Knight – “I’ve never been to New York… And I’ve never met Spider-Man… but… I thought he was chattier than this… and happier… and more of a team player.”

Morbius – “Is that… Is that a vampire? Like… a Twilight vampire?”

Nightcrawler – “I teamed up with an X-Man! A real-life X-Man! We totally kicked that Count Chocula guy’s butt! I wonder if this makes me a member of the X-Men now…”

Hellcat – “Tee-hee… Pretty girl… Snap it together, Sam! We have to act our age!”


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