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Fearsome Avengers: Nightcrawler


The loveable blue elf known as Kurt Wagner has always been an outsider.  In his society, in his faith, even among his fellow heroes.  Yet he has always faced this with a smile and the inner-strength that comes from great moral fortitude.  For Kurt, the breakout at the Raft is just business as usual, and yet it has the potential to finally give him a place to truly belong.

Milestones For This Event:  Swashbuckler and Religious Conflict


Nightcrawler On:

Darkchild – “Little Illyana is back! But at what terrible and great cost? If only Piotr had lived to see this day he would have been so happy, but I can’t help, but wonder how he would react to seeing her…like this.”

Arach-Knight – “There have been so many Spider-Related-Heroes-And-Villains that I’m beginning to get them all messed up in my mind. This one is quite capable in a fight, but he has a viciousness where Spider-Man is usually so jovial. Perhaps I can help him find his smile.”

Crusader – “I am most worried about this one. Untempered zeal has lead the church to such terrible places and I fear he may have some of the unrestrained worst of what we are capable of inside of him. Add to that the struggle of containing an alien presence. I’m going to have to keep a very close eye on this one, both on his behavior and his doctrine. I foresee some frustrating theological banter in my future.”

Cyclops – “Cyclops is my oldest friend on this team and yet I feel I barely know this Scott Summers. To leave the X-Men takes a great breaking and for so long Scott Summers has defined the X-men. I feel a responsibility to keep an eye on my injured brother. He seems to have some very heavy burdens. Perhaps some adventure together can help ease his troubled mind.”

Hellcat – “This one is feisty! She seems a fiery woman and I think her thirst for life could make us great friends.”

Morbius – “I too have been considered a monster unjustly. I would see this man earn back his right as a hero and as a friend of humanity. I may keep my crucifix handy though, just in case. That works on him, right? Right?”

Nova – “Was I ever so young? I remember starting as a hero and I hope his journey does not lead him to much of the sorrow mine required. He’s on the young hero’s journey I think we all wish we could have had. I hope to protect his innocence as long as possible. That may prove challenging with such a foreboding roster of heroes.”


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3 comments on “Fearsome Avengers: Nightcrawler

  1. frithkin
    November 17, 2015

    Is it okay if I use these write ups for my home game ? Interest has been expressed in a new Marvel Heroic Rpg game or series of them and when I mentioned these there was even more interest hence my question ?

  2. jpjolin
    November 18, 2015

    That’s what they are here for. Best of luck in your campaign! Let us know how your team fares and what exciting adventures they have.

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