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Fearsome Avengers – Cyclops


Scott Summers has had much to grieve about lately.  His wife, Jean Grey, is dead.  His relationship with his new love, Emma Frost, is strained and broken.  His mentor, Professor Charles Xavier, has, in Scott’s eyes, betrayed him and the X-Men.  Scott no longer feels that the X-Men reflect his dream of mutant-human harmony, or perhaps that he no longer fits with how the X-Men are pursuing that dream.  Seeking a place of focus, a place where he doesn’t have to take the responsibilities of a leader and can be lead for once, he contacted Maria Hill of S.H.I.E.L.D. asking for a place in her organization.  He was on his way to meet with Agent Hill when the Raft was compromised. 

Milestones For This Event:  To Me, My X-Men and S.H.I.E.L.D. Super Agent

Cyclops Datafile

Original datafiles source: Marvel Heroic Roleplaying.

EDIT:  We have received a valid criticism that we were not explicit enough about the origins of some of these datafiles.  We did a general disclaimer at the first post, but we will be clear here:  some of the datafiles are reproductions of MHR datafiles for use in our game, redone to give them a uniform look.  This is the case for Cable, Cyclops, and Hellcat.  Also, Crusader is mostly MHR but with the symbiote and Milestones added by us.  We are not claiming to have come up with those datafiles ourselves.  We are only introducing readers to our team as we played it.  In a further effort to clear this up, we’ve added disclaimers below all of the datafiles that originated with the published materials.

Cyclops On…

Morbius – “I like the doctor, more than I should, maybe, considering that he is occasionally a villain and at other times driven mad by his curse. But I kind of consider him like a mutant with visible mutation; they behave sometimes as outcasts because they are perceived like one.

I’m beyond that, personally, and I respect him for his wit, control shown over his powers, and assumption of responsibility for his past actions.”

Crusader – “I am not sure whether I have ever met him before. Would it really matter?! It seems to me that he is as crazy and delusional as they depict him.

Wait…what?!… The symbiote seems to have jumped on him??? Ok this is going to be troublesome, we need him out of here now!”

Darkchild – “I cannot believe that Illyana is still alive after all that had happened to her. Poor little girl… She looks fuelled with so much resentment and pain, and she might not even be 18! Another mutant left for dead a lil’bit too soon. I’m done with the Xavier way of letting people go to sort out their inner demons. She is an actual demon! She needs help! I’m not going to let go of her; we will need her brother’s help as soon as we’re out of this mess.”

Hellcat – “I don’t know much about her; I didn’t even know that she was an inmate. I would have sworn that she was one of the good ones. She sounds easygoing and uplifted but she transudes determination and experience. I assume that juggling between being a mystically powered hero and villain provides you with a good deal of confidence.”

Arach-Knight – “Who is this guy? It’s clearly Spider-Man material but it is also clear that he is not the usual one. It’s not just the mask, everything is different about him, he more serious, focused and efficient. It’s a real shame that we have met during this mess, I could have done with talking to him a bit more to ask him where he stands. I hope that he will be around when all of this ends, I want to thank him for what he has done for that S.H.I.E.L.D. team.”

Nightcrawler – “Apart from Cable, who disappeared rather quickly, Kurt is the only mutant I found in this mess. Makes me think of how many of us are left. How little we care about the bigger picture nowadays. I found him well though, as if he regained the spontaneity and inner peace that being part of the X-Men rarely gives you. I almost don’t want to tell him about of badly things went back home… It will be a tough talk, it has always been hard for him to see the bad in people.”

Nova – “Who is this guy in the Nova suit now? I thought the Nova Corps were extinct. He definitely doesn’t look or sound experienced… Well, there’s heart, courage and power in him; I’m sure that I could help him to put his power to good use. I have been dealing with super-powered kids for a long time now, I’ll be there for him if he’ll need me.”

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