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Breakout Adventure Hook: Cable


The noise of the diner was soothing. The clatter of dishes, sizzle of the griddle, and good-natured ribbing of the waitresses almost made him feel normal. But the real reason he came here was for the coffee. It was astounding, really, how hard it was to find a good cup in some futures. Nathan Summers downed the last sip, and gestured to the waitress for a refill.

Cable stared past his reflection in the diner window and out into the New York City night. Not so long ago he had fulfilled the only real purpose he’d ever had. He, and the X-Men, had stopped Apocalypse. Now he was looking for a new purpose. The Big Apple was as good a place as any to start looking. “Too bad the Avengers aren’t still around”, he thought.

His thoughts were interrupted by a breaking news story from the TV behind the counter. “Massive explosion at the Raft supermax facility! We are receiving reports that power is out on the island and backup generators are not functioning. No word on possible escapes.”

An ironic smirk briefly crossed Cable’s face. “Ask and you shall receive.” He dropped some cash on the table and moved to the door with purpose. Outside he took a right and stepped into a nearby alley.

“Bodyslide by one.”

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