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Hero Datafiles: Silk

 What if Peter Parker wasn’t the only one bitten by the spider that day?!?! That juicy tidbit, revealed in the Original Sin series, changed a lot for our friendly neighborhood Spider-Man. With a new comrade/romantic interest/friend/trainee/whatever is going on with them to play off of, Peter Parker isn’t quite so alone in the world. After this Spider-Verse event, he’s probably had a bit more camaraderie than he can handle. Cindy Moon however is only just coming in to this much bigger world and finding her footing as her own person and hero.

Silk’s story is interesting because she still has a romanticized picture of what a hero is in her head and very little practical experience playing it out in the real world. She sacrificed everything she knew in order to find safety from the Inheritors long ago, so she’s also missed out on a great deal of life. What kind of hero will she turn out to be in your game? Will she swing out into adventure and embrace the life of a lone vigilante or will she learn what it means to be a hero the hard way, through sacrifice and loss? You’ll just have to play to find out!



2 comments on “Hero Datafiles: Silk

  1. Lauri
    December 2, 2018

    Re considering without causing you to feel hurried or under-appreciated as
    an person.

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