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Hero Datafile: Odinson, the Unworthy Son of Asgard

Howdy, True Believers!

Of all the changes that came out of the Marvel NOW initiative this past year, there was probably no more controversial change than that of Thor becoming a woman. Of course, Thor himself didn’t become a woman like some might have thought at first, he simply found himself unworthy and a woman proved herself to, in fact, be worthy.

Simple, really.


After some nights and days spent trying the lift the hammer from the surface of the moon and dissolving his troubles with a steady flow of beer, Thor has relinquished his hammer and his birth name. Now, he goes by the name Odinson and wields the axe Jarnborn to cleave his foes.

Though he may not wield the raw, elemental power that he once did as the God of Thunder, Odinson is still a formidable opponent. I hope he brings the THUNDER (oh, sorry… too soon) to your table.

The Mighty Th......Odinson!

Enjoy and excelsior!!!

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I first sat around a table and rolled dice in 2008. I've been in love with role-playing games since then, especially those with a strong narrative focus built into the mechanics. You can find me on Facebook/Twitter @MrBananaSocks or at my blog Same Kind of Nerdy as Me. Be sure to also listen to my actual-play podcast Mistconceptions on iTunes and Soundcloud.

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