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Datafiles: Fear Itself – Odin All-Father

Of all the mighty of Asgard, one stands tallest. Odin son of Bor, lord of Asgard and father of Thor rules the realms of Yggdrasil and grants his boon or wrath on those he deems worthy or not. If you find yourself facing the lord of Asgard, your prayers may avail you not, for his temper is legendary and his wrath dreadful. There are many circumstances where facing Odin may be an endgame for heroes of the Marvel Universe.

Ravens Not Included

In Fear Itself, Odin resigns himself to the loss of Midgard and stays out of the fight until the bitter end against his brother, but in your game perhaps the players convince Odin to come to their aid much sooner. It’ll be up to you and your table to see how the All-Father plays out in this event. We’d love to hear more about how Odin shows up at your table.


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