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Datafiles: Fear Itself – Kuurth and Nul (Juggernaut and Hulk)

The first two to pick up the hammers of the Worthy were challenging foes, but what happens when unstoppable powerhouses become further embued to become true engines of destruction? In the comic arc, the hammers of Kuurth: Breaker of Stone and Nul: Breaker of Worlds were the Untoppable Juggernaut and the Incredible Hulk! We’ve included a new datafile for the Juggernaut, who we had not constructed before though we did have his powerful gem that gave him his powers, and our version of the Hulk which is an old post from a couple years back.

They Must Not Know Who I Am!

And we’ve also included their absolutely over the top forms once they picked up those magic hammers. Kuurth is a monstrous datafile with lots of strong defenses, which he should, though his fealty will be divided between his two mystic patrons now. Nul is a powerhouse of strength who could literally shatter the world with his rage.





And finally, in your game, maybe these two massive warriors weren’t the ones to pick up the hammers, or maybe your players take their hammers from them. For just such a circumstance, we have matching  hammers so you can play out Fear Itself to its fullest and see what happens at your table.





Who would wield such terrible weaponry? Who would you have face the heroes while breaking the world for Cul the Serpent? Let us know how it plays out at your table!


One comment on “Datafiles: Fear Itself – Kuurth and Nul (Juggernaut and Hulk)

  1. vb
    March 20, 2015

    Great work ! Have to see the Thing soon 😉 !

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