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Fear Itself: Act 1: The Rise of the Serpent, Part 1



World-Wide High Stakes:3d8


  • Action: Democracy Fails
  • Action: Fortress Null (Asgard Only)
  • Transition: Earth Downfall
  • Action: Skadi and the Serpent Tomb (Asgard Only)
  • Transition: Tense Hospitality in Asgard


  • Action: Destruction of a Paradise (Worthy Scene)
  • Action: United Arabs Worthy (Worthy Scene)
  • Action: Avatar of Two Entities (Worthy Scene)
  • Action: Rupture of the Pacific Pipeline (Worthy Scene)
  • Action: Blood Diamonds (Worthy Scene)
  • Action: Unforgettable Paris (Worthy Scene)
  • Action: It’s Hammer Clobbering Time! (Worthy Scene)
  • Transition: Against the All-Father’s Will (Asgard Only)
  • Action: Red Tinged White House


The event places itself soon after Siege (EVENT), where Asgard has been destroyed and lies in pieces in Broxton, losing its magic slowly but constantly. Odin is back as leader of his people, and Thor’s ability to protect Asgard has been questioned.
The world is in full recession and malcontent is spreading amongst the population.

The Avengers have just walked out the darkest times of Osborn’s Dark Reign (EVENT) of lies and cruelty. Steve Rogers has been entrusted to take S.H.I.E.L.D.’s lead whilst Captain America’s role has been left to Bucky Barnes, who has been carrying the shield since soon after the end of Civil War (EVENT).


spider-man-fear-itselfA riot starts right in the ruins of the Twin Towers; the masses are growing reckless.

At the TWIN TOWERS complex there is nothing but DEBRIS. A memorial has been approved but construction hasn’t begun yet. Some people are against any building project and think that site should deserve more than just a commemorative tag or little monument, and it should instead remain the way it is as a warning for posterity. Some are of the opposite opinion, believing that leaving it like that will be a sign of weakness against the enemies of democracy! A couple of Avengers or Heroes for Hire are around in order to assure everything will be okay, but it could be difficult in a period of STRONG RECESSION and on such a hot topic with strongly CONTRASTING VIEWS.


The two violent mobs (5d4 and 5d4) are ANGRY PROTESTERS and A MASSIVE CROWD, with Swarm D6 power and an area attack SFX. They try to create a complication DEMOCRACY FAIL every round and step it up past d12 to end the scene in the destruction of the site. The scene also ends if the Doom Pool grows by 3 dice and the Anti-Riot Unit sedates the riot with GAS AND SMOKE PELLETS, escalating the violence.

  • The mob should just react to the player’s attempt to control the situation by using a doom die to inflict the reaction effect as damage.
  • Anti-Riot units (4D6) are around to try and control the increasingly worrying situation and they could also be used as support characters (assets, resources, unlockables) by the players.


fear-itself-1-2Sin, Red Skull’s daughter is after something that has been guarded for decades by Nazi scientists.

In Antarctica, the Nazi fortress Null (WW2 NAZI FORTRESS, GUARDING AN ANCIENT RELIC, placed on an ANTARCTIC GLACIER), is approached by Sin, Red Skull’s daughter, and assaulted by her Nazi robots and troops.

It is unclear what she is after but her intent reveals rather quickly when she starts slaughtering the Nazi Scientist guarding the relic with no hint of doubt on her face. Once Sin gets close to the relic, a hammer, it reacts with her closeness and she feels drawn to it. Skadi is alive!

Asgardian Warriors are on her tracks and about to approach the fortress when an incredible source of power is perceived inside the complex.

The Asgardian Warriors enter the fortress and see Skadi teleporting somewhere unknown after a few words. They are left to make sure Sin’s Robots (3d8) and Followers of Sin (3d6) will be of no further harm to Asgard and Midgard.

This is a good scene to highlight the power of Asgardian might.


After the riot at the twin towers debris, the Avengers know they must do something to re-establish faith in people.

The Avengers gather at the top of Avengers (Stark) Tower, where they speak about the riot and they realize there are no superhuman causes behind it. They will have to come up with an idea to restore faith in the population… The Avengers can hold a press conference, either at Asgard’s or Twin Towers ruins. If they choose to do so, at the end of the conference, ask the players to roll against the doom pool to decide whether they have influenced the general public.

The doom pool will have scene distinctions like NATIONAL AUDIENCE, TROUBLED TIMES, NEGATIVE FEELINGS and there could be a complication CIVILIZATION FAILURE D6 if the riot hasn’t been prevented or managed successfully.

doyoufearfamilysecretsBy the end of the conference Odin, who had been watching it from the background, will perceive the Watcher and begin yelling at him as he despises his attitude of watching in silence and inactivity the end of a civilization. Odin thinks he’s there to see the end of Asgard, but he is most likely witnessing Earth’s defeat instead.

Uatu leaves when Thor approaches, with the fellow Avengers at his back, but Odin disdains humans out loud, and confronts Thor about which side he stands for against the upcoming menace. He chooses humans and Odin leaves in a huff. This is, of course, assuming no players are playing as Thor.


  • Business. Your company will join the effort with Damage Control to provide help to people caught up in superhuman clashes in Broxton.
  • Combat. By asking some Asgardians (Valkyrie for sure) to participate to the Defender Project, you will demonstrate how world is a safer place every day by publicly fighting and jailing few minor villains.
  • Covert. Uncover some material belonging to Osborn’s Dark Reign, unveiling the set-up he planned against Asgard.
  • Crime. Same as combat.
  • Medical. As a part of the business Specialty, but more medically oriented. With a new hospital in Broxton.
  • Mystic. Using Earth’s magic to help to rebuild Asgard, in order to give a message of hope of the reconstructive power of Asgard.
  • Psych. An inspiring conference with the President and the Avengers held at the riot place or Broxton, to reinstate hope for the future and explain why the rebuild and explain that the previous leadership was acting against the nation’s benefits.
  • Science. Same as Mystic but with Science help instead.

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2 comments on “Fear Itself: Act 1: The Rise of the Serpent, Part 1

  1. Rob
    February 25, 2015

    Very cool! I’m excited to see the rest of it! 😀

  2. Valerio
    February 25, 2015

    Wow, I’m astonished! Really looking forward to seeing and reading and playing the rest! Valerio

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