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Hero Datafile: Ratchet

Give me another Transformers datafile, stat! It’s time to bring in the Autobots’ resident medic and biomechanic, Ratchet. In the original Transformers cartoon, a.k.a. “Generation 1,” Ratchet was kept extremely busy. Not only did he have to patch up wounded Autobots in nearly every episode, he also joined the rest of the squad on combat missions and he helped create the Dinobots. Years later, in Transformers Prime (2010-13), Ratchet tended to stay in the Autobots’ HQ, where he monitored Decepticon activity, operated the teleportation “bridge,” repaired injured allies, and grumbled about the Autobots’ often-reckless human allies.

No matter which incarnation you prefer, Ratchet is always the Autobot you want nearby after a nasty tussle with the Decepticons!


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This entry was posted on February 19, 2015 by in Datafiles, Transformers.

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