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Team Milestones: Autobots

Happy Milestone Monday, everyone!

In 2007, prior to the Civil War, the New Avengers teamed up with the Autobots in Latveria to take down a nefarious Decepticon plot. The comic was released as a joint mini-series with both Marvel and IDW, and according to the author of the series, it takes place within the normal continuity, meaning the Transformers exist in the Marvel 616 universe!

In addition, the Transformers previously had a series in the 1980s with Marvel, so it was cool to see the Autobots once again in a Marvel comic. So, today, we’re bringing you the Autobot milestones!


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Mark is a military veteran, game designer, a believer in the oxford comma, and an all-around nerd.

3 comments on “Team Milestones: Autobots

  1. dementedstranger
    February 16, 2015

    spidey showed up in their comic, too

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