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Watcher Datafiles: Forces of the Empire

The Rebels need something to rebel against and the forces of the Empire are legion. Here are some datafiles for Watchers to throw against Rebel forces trying to evade the long arm as the Empire prepares to strike back!

Stormtroopers (while seeming push overs in the movies) are the elite forces of the Empire. They have subjugated entire systems and enforce the rule of the Empire.


The whine of an Imperial Tie Fighters engine signals the coming of the might of the Imperial Navy. Tie Fighters make up for their technical limitations in the number of them the Empire can throw at their enemies.

tie fighters

Finally, the Empire will often turn to freelancers and bounty hunters to go places their mighty forces cannot. Boba Fett is the most feared of their sometime allies who can hunt down the forces of the Rebellion.

boba fett?!? where?!?

Tomorrow we’ll have some more Watcher datafiles, but ones that take a much “darker” turn.


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