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Captain Marvel and the Cinematic Universe

Carol_Danvers_(Earth-1610)There’s been a lot of talk lately about introducing Carol Danvers (Captain Marvel) into the Marvel Cinematic Universe. And why not? She’s a powerful female character who not only stands toe to toe with the other heroes, but could probably kick all their backsides.

I was thinking about this recently, and I think I’ve come up with how she can appear, quite easily.

My perfect introduction of Captain Marvel into the Cinematic Universe?

After a massive battle against the Kree in Guardians of the Galaxy, the GotG win, credits, etc.

In the post credit sequence, we see the SHIELD Helicarrier. They have detected an enemy contact from space. They send up Capt. Carol “Marvel” Danvers in a plane to intercept. The contact is a crashing Kree ship. Her plane collides with the Kree ship. Huge explosion, the kind no one can survive. Cut to black.

Cut to Carol in her hospital bed. She’s laying there, and looks around. Nothing out of the ordinary. But when she looks down, she realizes she’s floating about a foot off of the bed.

Slam cut to black. Now you can introduce her in Avengers 2 or GotG2 without needing a long backstory. She’s simply Captain Marvel, a new member of the Avengers, or she’s a new member of the Guardians of the Galaxy if you want her to be more cosmic.

What do you think? What heroes do you think should be appearing in the movies soon?


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Mark is a military veteran, game designer, a believer in the oxford comma, and an all-around nerd.

4 comments on “Captain Marvel and the Cinematic Universe

  1. dbw08a
    October 4, 2013

    That’s a great idea! Joss, read this post!

    As far as introducing new heroes to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, I’d like to see Carol Danvers added. I’d like to see a proper Fantastic Four reboot (no Fox, just straight out of Marvel Studios). I’d also like to see a Heroes for Hire TV series featuring “street-level characters”, the main characters being Luke Cage, Iron Fist, Jessica Jones, and Misty Knight.

    • oberonthefool
      October 4, 2013

      Agree with all of this.

    • William Patrick Butler
      October 6, 2013

      double agree with all of this 🙂

    • VideoGeek
      November 12, 2013

      Well, it must have been a good week for you, as 3/4ths of that show was announced to be set to play on netflix…

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