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New Specialty: Politics


When I was writing Liberty And Justice For All it occurred to me that a Specialty for handling political confrontations would serve the story very well.  Since then I’ve written the Politics Specialty, which I present below.

       You have experience dealing with the world of politics, from handling lobbyists to getting bills passed into law to blocking legislation and getting legislators in your pocket.  You can double-talk with the best of them and can read the current political climate and the will of the people, turning policy into action or inaction as needed.

  • A Politics Expert is the equivalent of a congressional aide, local politician, a lobbyist for a marginally-influential group or similarly influential person in government.
  • A Politics Master has the experience and fortitude of a national politician, ambassador, major lobbyist or leader and knows exactly how to ensure his party gets things done while stumping his political opponents.
  • Politics Stunts include detailed analysis of political climates, giving speeches that sway voters and peers alike, blocking legislation and pushing a law through a legislative vote.
  • Political Resources include contacts amongst lobbyists, news media, political and government officials and other related areas, as well as legal documents and the ability to pressure those in power for release of otherwise secret information.

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2 comments on “New Specialty: Politics

  1. Den of Earth
    March 8, 2013

    This is keen.

    There have been several characters (heroes & villains) over the years who were politicians. Not to mention the ones who’ve been elected President!

    Any ideas on other expanded Specialties? Media might come in handy for those mild mannered reporters. 😉

    • jpjolin
      March 8, 2013

      The key to developing Specialties seems to be (a) it doesn’t cover something that another Specialty already covers, (b) it pertains to a trade or occupation and (c) it have some application other than skill (so you can build Resources with it).

      That said, I’ve got one in mind for those clever tricksters out there like Loki, Spider-Man or (not a Marvel character but the inspiration for this idea) the Doctor called Meddler. I may do a formal writeup in time but the basic idea would be someone who can get their foes to set themselves up for a fall (say by getting the bad guy so riled at you that they smash the controls that once destroyed will shut down their ultimate weapon), lay elaborate traps (Stunts) or get companions/friends to help lure in their foes into compromising situations (Resource).

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