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Hero Datafile: Union Jack II

Reader Iain Row sent this datafile for the second incarnation of Union Jack my way. I thought he did a great job with it. It’s also kind of cool that a Brit did up this datafile.  He was kind enough to send along some of his reasoning behind his choices for the character.

1. Super Soldier Serum is similar to Captain America…how could it not be. I wanted it to be strictly inferior though so I dropped the durability (he doesn’t seem as tough as Cap in the comics) and the option to super charge the “step up & shut down” SFX. He hasn’t received the vita rays, so it shouldn’t be as good.
2. I switched the focus of second wind, to make him different to play but also to make him less resilient. I made the push “either/or” to make it less powerful than Black Panther’s ability, but it is still useful if I can spend PP’s to switch physical stress to a different type…
3. Union Jack’s gear is quite iconic although low powered, so I kept it strictly D6 power level but with the chance to step up with some experimental secret service stuff. The specialist FX is to represent him being able to access some serious dice (potentially D12 if he activates an opportunity) when setting demo charges or stabbing Baron Blood through the heart with a silver stalactite.
4. The mystic specialty is to represent his experience as an adventurer who specialises in hunting vampires, especially his own uncle.
5. The milestones are intended to replicate his search for Roger and his crisis of confidence. His big turning points in canon included convincing a misguided Thor of the error of his ways, discovering Roger was a brainwashed Nazi villain (a spiritual antecedent of the Winter Soldier storyline only with a romantic retcon !) and being blasted by Thor for his trouble, only to come back to life with electricity generation powers. I also want to be keeping one eye open for hints at Baron Blood’s inevitable return so I can be ready…
6. I gave him solo D10 because at this point he has just become Union Jack, after working as the Destroyer for some time. I expect to use XPs to switch his affiliation to represent him getting better at working in a team, and potentially to unlock some powers depending on how events go down in the parallel world.
7. I have tweaked some of his life events (I have him becoming Union Jack without discovering Roger’s fate) for game play opportunities…maybe Roger has become a vampire, or is the new Master Man…
8. Experimental equipment is just the “focus” SFX but for equipment. I wanted to make him a versatile but strictly mid power level guy who could make a big difference if an opening came up by shutting down powers and spending PPs.

Printer-friendly Datafile

Iain also came up with an additional Milestone that can be swapped out when one of the others is completed.


1 XP when you first activate your Crisis of Confidence limit.

3 XP when you are stressed out or when one of your team-mates is stressed out and you are unable to prevent it.

10 XP when you sacrifice yourself to save the team or save a member of the team.

If you are looking for even more Milestones, check out our Invaders Team Milestones.


2 comments on “Hero Datafile: Union Jack II

  1. Clockpunk
    September 14, 2012

    Nice! As a fellow Brit, always good to see a hero from our side of the pond. Good write up.

  2. barryreese1972
    September 17, 2012

    I’m a huge Union Jack fan. This is cool.

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