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Secret War Action Scene: Stop the Bomb

Time Set: Present

Distinctions & Complications

  • Distinction: Aftermath of a Battle
  • Distinction: Nightfall
  • Complication: Fleeing Patients and Doctors – D8

Buildup: Getting to the Action

This scene starts just after Lucia finishes her monologue. The heroes are all scattered on the battlefield outside the hospital and should start with the Solo affiliation.

When the monologue has finished the heroes can take a look around, and see the result of the prior rumble. The entrance and surroundings of the hospital are completely destroyed, some of the villains are blacked out and others are scattered around. At this time Lucia makes a movement with her hands and some villains (check the table below) start to float and become engulfed in a force field of energy.

You should describe that there is a flux of energy flowing from the enemies armor and tech to Cyborg-Lucia.

Action: Dismantle the Energy Bomb


  • Hospital Parking Lot
    • Distinction: Full of Cars
  • Neighbouring Buildings
    • Distinction: Brownstone Walls
  • Harbour
    • Distinction: Salt Water

The heroes must either take down Cyborg-Lucia and dismantle the energy bomb she is preparing to release by siphoning the energy from the other fallen tech villains. The amount of enemies she is going to raise as “batteries” and the number of rounds it will take will depend on the size of the party, according to this table:

When the last round finishes the bombs go out causing +1 stress for each battery still active by the end of the round.

There are ways of avoiding the explosion, first is taking out the batteries Lucia has risen and the other is taken Cyborg-Lucia herself. To deactivate a Battery it will have to suffer D12 stress, representing the effort to move it away from the energy chain or simply trash it. While Lucia is still charging she gains 1D10 Force Field for EACH active battery.

When accounting for Affiliations you should consider each battery a member as well as Lucia.

While charging neither Lucia nor the Batteries take actions, they just do defensive reactions till the bomb goes off or is dismantled. After resolving the bomb situation, if Lucia isn’t stressed out, the Heroes will have to face her. This time she will take active actions against the heroes.

When the battle is over, with the truth also being unfold the heroes will probably want to face Nick Fury, in the final scene of the epic saga.

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