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Secret War Action Scene: Throwdown at the Hospital

Buildup: Getting to the Action

This scene will begin immediately after either The Hospital or Gathering the Team Transition Scenes, depending on how your group progresses through the event.

Characters should be located outside the front doors of the hospital. Likely discussing the ambushes many of them have just experienced.

As they are talking, any heroes with Enhanced –or better– Senses should become aware that something bad is coming. There is an explosion in front of the hospital, and the heroes see the horde of tech-powered, B-list villains that have been sent for them.

Action: Throwdown at the Hospital


  • Hospital Parking Lot
    • Distinction: Parked Cars
    • Complication: Innocent Bystanders– D8


This time, enemies will fight until they are stressed out or suffer trauma. None of them will attempt to flee. They should attempt to gang up on heroes. Keep in mind that this is a horde of random villains, so their tactics might not be entirely sound.


  • Spend 5 XP to call for backup.
    • Call in a character not on the list of allowable characters for the Secret War mission.
    • This unlockable can be used by more than one PC. As long there is a reasonable narrative reason the PC could get in contact with the character they are trying to call in.
    • Mechanically speaking, a Backup Character removes one villain from the battle. Roleplay it as the Backup being locked in battle with the removed villain “off panel”.

End Scene

This scene should end when half of the group of villains (not including those removed by Backup Characters) have been stressed-out. At that point Cyborg-Lucia should arrive, and you will move into the Lucia’s Monologue Transition Scene.

6 comments on “Secret War Action Scene: Throwdown at the Hospital

  1. jason
    May 15, 2012

    This looks great, can’t wait to run it when it is done. Really looking forward to some more villains to use. Any chance of getting something like a villain pack sometime, like sinister six, or masters of evil? Also, any hints of what will be posted tomorrow/next? Keep up the good work!

    • Andrew Gatlin
      May 15, 2012

      This week’s posts will be Transition Scene, Action Scene, Transition Scene. Then Secret War will finish up at the end of next week.

      We’ll probably be doing more datafiles (hero and villain) after we finish up Secret War. It’s taking up a lot of out time at the moment.

      • felipenerdcore
        May 15, 2012

        The most annoying part of doing villains data files is writting the bio….

  2. rollenspiel
    May 24, 2012

    Now, this scene and the following ones I really like a lot. I think after this scene, the urge to act and team up becomes a lot stronger, as well as pressure from outside rises. 😀

  3. rollenspiel
    May 24, 2012

    errr. P.S.: I love those Unlockables! What happens here sounds more like something to be solved via PP than XP though. It’s not totally unreasonable though, so that’ll be fun.

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