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Play This Universe: Earth-98 (Realtime)

There are a massive amount of Marvel Universes out there.

Most people know of the primary Marvel Universe, designated 616, as well as the film universe, which includes Iron Man, Captain America, Thor and the others (Earth-199999). But there are a ton of parallel universes out there for your characters to play in.

I’d like to visit, on occasion, a few different Marvel realities, ones in which you’re able to run a game unlike any others out there.

Today, I’d like to talk about Earth-98, also known as the Realtime universe. You’ve seen, by this point, my Sliding Timeline. I’ve taken the Marvel Universe timeline and condensed it down to one-third its size. In Earh-98, that never happened.

Instead, the Fantastic Four crashed in 1961, and time continued forward without condensing the dates. The comics are followed year-for-year, up through 1973, with the death of Gwyn Stacy. From there forward, time continues on.

The Fantastic Four continue to age, Iron Man becomes an old man. Hulk dies of a heart attack in 1996.

This presents a massive opportunity for your game. You have no limits. If there are any heroes you particularly like and want to keep, there’s nothing keeping you from bringing them in as someone new who’s taken up the mantle, or even the original hero’s child.

Over on Legacy of Marvels, they’re playing in this universe. New heroes who are carrying on the tradition of the heroes of old.

I really like the idea of this universe, one where anything and everything is possible. If you decide to use this, let me know how it goes.

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2 comments on “Play This Universe: Earth-98 (Realtime)

  1. the L0N
    March 17, 2012

    I wrote up a bunch of ideas based off that a long time ago. This is a short bit of what I wrote up:

    The X-men

    The current X-men are lead by Cannonball and consist of Sunspot, Shadowcat, Cypher, Magma, Mirage, Wolfsbane, Magik, Magma, and Karma (who serves as the mostly in a support capacity). Professor Xavier has retired to the Shiar Empire. The second generation of X-men (Storm, Wolverine, Banshee etc.) has moved on to other things. It is rumored that Storm has taken up tutelage under Dr Strange. And Wolverine has kept a low profile after the war with the Hand. Shattering that organization seemingly once and for all.

    In 1998 the Xavier Foundation revealed that they had built a L-5 colony to house the growing mutant population. This was in addition to the Magnus Memorial Station (otherwise know as Asteroid M) they had rehabilitated in the late 1980’s after Magneto died defending the Earth from Brood Invasion. The mysterious inventor Forge is the administrator on the L-5 colony [note: need a good name for colony].

    The colony has been recognized by many governments and been granted provisional membership in the United Nations. Part of their agreement with the U.N. requires they police any renegade mutants on earth or her colonies. This group is called officially the Xavier Foundation Police Force or more commonly “X-Force”. It has led by Banshee and its field leader is the son of Scott Summers (better know as Cyclops), Nathan Summers called Firebird.

    Colossus and Shadowcat married and oversee the Savage Land Preserve sometimes taking on students as well. Shadowcat still has a strong bond with Wolverine helping in ending the threat of the Hand. They have three children that carry the Homo Superior gene, but have as yet not manifested any abilities yet.

    Intelligence and rumor suggest that some Shiar technology was used in the construction of the colony. It is know the Xavier Foundation has several starships donated by the Shiar Empire.

    Cyclops, Havok, and Polaris, are said to be living in Shiar space with their father who has retired from active duty onboard the Starjammer.

    Any mutant can apply for citizenship on the colony. Very few humans are allowed to visit and even fewer to stay.

  2. Rob Wieland
    March 18, 2012

    Thanks for the link!

    Part of the fun has been collaborating with the players on what happened and what didn’t in the history. Having Beast as a poltico was the idea of Fuse’s player, and the player playing Carol was like “So he should be my boss, right?”

    My first write-up should be coming soon.

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