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MCU Breakout Mini-Event

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For the Marvel Heroic RPG, the Mini-Event Breakout was our first ever foray into the game system, and launched our Heroic adventures thereafter.  The story of heroes rallying to stop a bunch of terrifying villains from being unleashed all at once upon the unsuspecting citizens of New York City from a hemorrhaging Raft super-prison was simple, straightforward, and allowed for plenty of action.

Well, the MCU has its own Raft supermax-prison for ultra-powered villains, and the very last moments of Captain America: Civil War give a glimpse of another jailbreak; only this time, its heroes freeing heroes instead of villains freeing villains.  If your players are looking to play in the MCU, this is a perfect jumping-in point; the Accords have created tremendous tension, there’s time between this Mini-Event and Avengers: Infinity War for your heroes to craft their own adventures, and during this Mini-Event your heroes get to play out an unseen-but-canon event in the MCU, and do it your way.

For that reason, we’ve put together MCU Breakout for your enjoyment.  Play as established MCU heroes, or craft new datafiles that bring in heroes the MCU hasn’t yet introduced and have them choose sides.  However you play, play Heroically.


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2 comments on “MCU Breakout Mini-Event

  1. deltamonk
    May 24, 2019

    Hey that’s pretty cool! I have always wondered how to start, and run, games in established universes so I’ll definitely give it a read through.

    • jpjolin
      May 24, 2019

      Continuity-wise, I find it easiest to consider the moment you start playing in that established universe a branching off into an alternate timeline, unless you and your players intend to really work to prevent alterations to the source timeline.

      MCU Breakout is a great example of this; we have no idea if the movies will ever feature the options we make available, and if they do, they’ll almost certainly handle those options differently. So it’s best not to try too hard to force your game along the same lines as the movies or the comics. Use them as a jumping-off point, and then shape the future of that branch timeline you and your players form in your own way.

      That’s also how I ran House Of Madness; we used the original Breakout as the starting point, but then forged our own continuity from there forward. So don’t sweat it; the source material is inspiration, not a straight-jacket to how you run or play the game at your table.

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